Park on Street's
Yes! Park Anywhere!

uPark pode lhe mostrar o quão simples se tornou estacionar. Nunca mais você irá se atrasar por não encontrar uma vaga segura e no local de sua escolha. Navegue pelo mapa e escolha o melhor lugar para você antes de sair de casa.
You first
The basic!

The safety of everyone is extremely important to us before, during and after parking, so a lot of information is collected from everyone who joins uPark using the technology to their advantage.
There is no anonymous client.
Before parking!

When registering, every user must provide name, email and telephone before parking or granting their space for rent. That way, you always know who you're going to trade with (and so do we!)
GPS Tracking
During the parking

uPark knows exactly where and who belongs the location you parked. In case of any misfortune, we will be assisting you and helping the authorities to remedy your problem.
Easy payment
We simplify the process!

The parking charge is automatically charged by the application at the time of booking, so there is no need to pay in cash, bringing greater security for all.